Scentience — Smell Virtual Reality

Founder & CEO

I invented a device that lets you smell in virtual reality (VR). Scentience is a "smart aroma dispenser", able to emit unique scents in real-time, connected to the in-game actions of a VR player. I formed a C-corporation, developed a business, go-to-market and brand strategy, and created several new iterations of the hardware, scents and VR games.

Scentience was selected to join the accredited Plug & Play accelerator in Silicon Valley. I subsequently:

• Pitched venture capitalists and Fortune 500 companies
• Went on a sponsored 9-day visit to China, touring 4 first-tier cities to network and represent Silicon Valley at conventions with U.S. mayors and Chinese government officials
• Was featured on Chinese National Television CCTV-2 (estimated 1.2 billion viewers)